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Mammals & Reptiles of the Pantanal

Mammals & Reptiles of the Pantanal

Thumbnails of mammals of the Pantanal
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Photo album of mammals and reptiles living in the Pantanal, South America
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Capybara of the Pantanal Capybara
Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
"Carpincho" in Spanish.
When fishing quietly, you may encounter a group of capybaras very close to you.
Carpincho of the Pantanal Water hog ??
Although big like a hog, a capybara is a giant of rodent. Its enemies are big cats such as jaguars and pumas. Capybaras usually stay near deep water and swim or dive away when such hunters come close.
Young Gray Brocket of the Pantanal Gray Brocket
Mazama gouazoupira
This bambi was lost and weakened. We gave milk till it was all right. One day it returned to the forest.
Gray Brocket licking a human hand. Gray Brocket licking a human hand
Mazama gouazoupira
Probably there is some salt from sweat on the hand.
Giant Anteater in the Pantanal Giant Anteater
Myrmecophaga tridactyla
The head constantly oscillates right and left.
What is this? What is this animal?
Marmosa murina ?
Found on a fig tree.
Six-banded Armadillo eating fruits in the Pantanal Six-banded Armadillo
Euphractus sexcinctus
People run after an armadillo, even digging the ground, where the poor and tasty animal gets in.
This one is eating a red mango fruit. It seems to neglect the photographer's presence.
Armadillo caught by indigenous men in the Pantanal Six-banded Armadillo in captivity
Euphractus sexcinctus
Unfortunately, its meat was cooked for the dinner. On the next morning, the shell alone remained.
Footprints of a large cat in the Pantanal footprints

The large footprints suggest that a large jaguar or a large puma walked here to drink water last night.
Red-footed Tortoise in the Pantanal Red-footed Tortoise
Geochelone carbonaria
People here don't show apetite when they find a tortoise.
A big lizard in the Pantanal big lizard
Tupinambis rufescens
It inhabits somewhere in our house.
South American Ground Lizard in the Pantanal South American Ground Lizard
Ameiva ameiva
You would notice the sound of the lizard walking in grasses, while its color might somewhat lower visibility.
Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal(1) Yacare Caiman
Caiman yacare
Spectacled caiman.
Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal(2) Yacare Caiman
Caiman yacare
The teeth are not very sharp, but they are part of powerfull biting.
Eggs of Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal Eggs of Yacare Caiman
The eggs are covered with thick grasses. Once exposed, birds would enjoy them.

Below are photos taken in the zoos in Yokohama-City.
Giant Anteater in a zoo Giant Anteater
Myrmecophaga tridactyla
(Zoorasia Park)
Can you see the tangue? It moves very swift to take food.

Fauna & Flora of the Pantanal

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