Fauna & Flora of the Pantanal

Fauna & Flora of the Pantanal
Photo Album of Living Creatures in the Pantanal (日本語)

Mammals and Reptiles of the Pantanal Birds of the Pantanal Fish of the Pantanal Insects of the Pantanal

The Pantanal of South America. The world's largest wetland. Its greatest part is in Brazil; and the rest, in Bolivia and Paraguay. Natural and tourist resources are rich, but developed only in a limited span and areas. Thanks to rather inconvenient accessibility, it has kept itself from human desires of development or exploitation, often destructive, till these days. Fortunate for wild life. Fortunate for us all, too.

The Pantanal has swamps, seasonal swamps, and grounds that never go under water. The area of land varies in seasons. The high season and the low season of water do not necessarily coincide with the local rain season and dry season. This is because Paraguay River has a very small potential difference above the sea level; and it takes weeks or months for the rainfall in the upriver areas to push up the water level in the downriver areas.

As a technical advisor of an agricultural project of an NGO, I have been living in the Pantanal more than six months every year since 2000. I do not need to take a time to observe wild animals and plants. (to be continued to top of right column)

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FileMammals and Reptiles
Capivara, anteater, armadillo, etc.

FileBirds of the Pantanal
Tyrants, ibis, tanager, screamer, etc.

FileFishes of the Pantanal
Dorado, pacu, piraña, etc.

FileInsects of the Pantanal
Butterflies, moths, dragonflies, etc.

Photo AlbumFlowers of the Pantanal
Lovely flowers of the Pantanal

Photo AlbumLiving in the Pantanal
Adults, children, landscapes, etc.

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Let's go fishing!Let's go fishing in the Pantanal
For anglers of energetic fish-eaters

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They are always around me inspiring, enchanting, surprising my mind and heart. I stare them, photograph them, and when possible, touch them.

In this website, you can see some of the photos of animals, plants, landscapes, and people. I photographed all of them upon my own CCD and heart, except a few that are shown with the photographer's name. Comments are short. I will be happy if you look at any of the pictures and get more interested in the great variety of life on our planet. My utmost hope is the reservation of species. The more people of good will know the species, the greater the chance of its reservation along with many other species in the area, I believe.

Very simple materials here may inspire some ones with academic talent. They will one day visit the Pantanal and create more scientific and valuable materials.

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