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Birds of the Pantanal

Birds of the Pantanal

Birds in the Pantanal banner
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Photo album of birds in the Pantanal, South America
Classification according to Sibley-Ahlquist
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Greater Rhea close-up Greater Rhea
Rhea americana
Order: Struthioniformes

Less large than Ostrich. Swims well.
Guarani:Ñandú guazú
Greater Rhea family close-up Greater Rheas, flock
You can see them eating green grass in dry or wet areas.
This is a group of ten birds.
Toco Toucan close-up Toco Toucan
Ramphastos toco
Order: Piciformes

Will you tell me the reason for the big beaks?
Jabiru close-up Jabiru
Jabiru mycteria
Order: Ciconiiformes

This large bird shows its full beauty when in flight.
Pair of Jabiru close-up Jabiru, couple
Often seen as couples. They are believed to keep the same mates for life.
Walking Jabiru close-up Jabiru walking on the road
They are part of traffic. Car drivers should slow down.
Wood Stork close-up Wood Stork
Mycteria americana
Order: Ciconiiformes

Big but smaller than Jabiru. No part in the neck is red.
Red-crested Cardinal close-up Red-crested Cardinal
Paroaria coronata
Order: Passeriformes

They have waited for the left-over food from our kitchen.
Guarani:Guyra tiri
Red-crested Cardinal Family Red-crested Cardinal, Parent and Child
The Brown-crested Cardinals are big babies. They asks the parents to feed them mouth to mouth, even when the food is just there.
Yellow-billed Cadinal close-up Yellow-billed Cadinal
Paroaria capitata
Order: Passeriformes

Round-head cardinals sometimes seen come in our kitchen.
Guarani:Aka pyta
Yellow-billed Cadinal bathing Yellow-billed Cadinals bathing
One warm day in the afternoon.
Behind them is a Rufous Hornero.
Monk Parakeet close-up Monk Parakeet
Myiopsitta monachus
Order: Psittaciformes

Noisy voice and lovely figure. They build collective homes in the mating season. QuickTime Movie 7secs
Youngster of Monk Parakeet close-up Youngster of Monk Parakeet
Fallen down to the ground. Two adults are watching this young one.
Yellow-chevroned Parakeet close-up Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
Brotogeris chiriri
Order: Psittaciformes

Eating of our precious mango fruit. Charming figure, though.
Black-hooded Parakeet close-up Black-hooded Parakeet
Nandayus nenday
Order: Psittaciformes

Noisy singers, this species too.
Blue-fronted Amazon close-up Blue-fronted Amazon
Amazona aestiva
Order: Psittaciformes

Captured or born in the cage. (Photographed in Isla Valle.)
White Woodpecker close-up White Woodpecker
Melanerpes candidus
Order: Piciformes

Pecking red ripened fruits of acerola, just before we go to harvest them.
White Woodpeckers attack White Woodpeckers
They may attack to break a large hornet nest, and eat up larvae. The hornets finally abandon their precious home.
White-fronted Woodpecker Close Up White-fronted Woodpecker
Melanerpes cactorum
Order: Piciformes

Have you ever seen a nest in cactus?
Green-barred Woodpecker Close Up Green-barred Woodpecker
Colaptes melanochloros
Order: Piciformes

Bright red in the back of the head. Often visits the ground for food.
Picui Ground-dove close-up Picui Ground-dove
Columbina picui
Order: Columbiformes

Sligntly bigger than House Sparrow. It is not easy to come close to this little dove.
Glittering-bellied Emerald close-up Glittering-bellied Emerald
Chlorostilbon aureoventris
Order: Trochiliformes

Visiting boracho blossum. "Picaflor Verde" in Spanish.
Glittering-bellied Emerald at rest (1) Glittering-bellied Emerald at rest (1)
Blowing in the tail-wind.
Glittering-bellied Emerald at rest (2) Glittering-bellied Emerald at rest (2)
Blowing in the head-wind.
Dying Hummingbird close-up Glittering-bellied Emerald Dying
Found on the ground, it came upon my palm as I reached out to it. Probably it was almost blind. Unfortunately, it came to an end one hour later.
Swallow-tailed Hummingbird Close Up Swallow-tailed Hummingbird
Eupetomena macroura
Order: Trochiliformes

Visiting boracho blossum, this bird too.
Larger than Emerald above.
Goup of Roseate Spoonbill Roseate Spoonbill
Ajaja ajaja
Order: Ciconiiformes Pelecaniformes

They were about 30 spoonbills. Also were Neotropical Cormorants and two species of terns.
Buff-necked Ibis close-up Buff-necked Ibis
Theristicus caudatus
Order: Ciconiiformes Pelecaniformes

Come very close to our house. Bad taste?
Guarani:Kurukau para
Plumbeous Ibis close-up Plumbeous Ibis
Theristicus caerulescens
Order: Ciconiiformes Pelecaniformes

May look muddy. Usually seen on wet ground.
Whistling Heron close-up Whistling Heron
Syrigma sibilatrix
Order: Ciconiiformes

Come in front of the door of our house.
Great Egret close-up Great Egret
Ardea alba
Order: Ciconiiformes

Seen here the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today.
Cocoi Heron Close Up Cocoi Heron
Ardea cocoi
Order: Ciconiiformes

Usually seen standing alone.
Flies away screaming if finds a person, even in a good distance.
Rufescent Tiger-heron Close Up Rufescent Tiger-heron
Trigrisoma lineatum
Order: Ciconiiformes

Click the picture to see the white lines around the neck.
Maguari Stork close-up Maguari Stork
Ciconia maguari
Order: Ciconiiformes

An angelic bird in wet Chaco.
Southern Screamer close-up Southern Screamer
Chauna torquata

Looks like a pheasant, except large feet, and nails on the wings.
Bare-faced Ibis close-up Bare-faced Ibis
Phimosus infuscatus
Order: Ciconiiformes Pelecaniformes

The black body shines in blue, green, and red.
Wattled Jacana close-up Wattled Jacana
Jacana jacana
Order: Ciconiiformes

They can walk upon floating plants.
Young Wattled Jacana close-up Wattled Jacana, immature
Looks like a different species from the parents.
Large-billed Tern close-up Large-billed Tern
Phaetusa simplex
Order: Ciconiiformes

You may like to see them flying in a large crowd.
Guarani:Ati guazú
Neotropical Cormorant Close Up Neotropical Cormorant
Phalacrocorax brasilianus
Order: Ciconiiformes
Family: Phalacrocoracidae

What's in the big neck? Many fish?
Solitary Sandpiper Close Up Solitary Sandpiper
Tringa solitaria
Order: Ciconiiformes
Family: Scolopacidae

Runs fast. Not easy to approach.
Visits South America in summer.
White-faced Whistling-ducks zoom-in White-faced Whistling-duck
Ceryle torquatus
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Dendrocygnidae

Click the photo to view the whole group.
Ringed Kingfisher close-up Ringed Kingfisher
Ceryle torquatus
Order: Coraciiformes
Family: Cerylidae

Sings, "Chak chak chak", at high in the mating season.
Green Kingfisher close-up Green Kingfisher
Chloroceryle americana
Order: Coraciiformes
Family: Cerylidae

Found below a transparent glass window. Sorry.
Swallows close-up Swallows
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Hirundinidae

Transit passengers here.
Short circuit hazard does not occur when the cables are equally loaded.
Brown-chested Martins Brown-chested Martin
Phaeoprogne tapera
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Hirundinidae

When electric cables and tree branches are full, some of them take rest on the ground.
Brown-chested Martins Brown-chested Martin
Phaeoprogne tapera
They sometimes use vacant nests of Hornero.
Grey-breasted Martin Grey-breasted Martin
Progne chalybea
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Hirundinidae

Do you see the difference from the species above?
Chopi Blackbird close-up Chopi Blackbird singing
Gnorimopsar chopi
Order: Passeriformes

Sings beautifully. Often come in a large group like a cloud. Welcome when eating grasshoppers. Unwelcome when eating crops. Guarani:Chopi
Epaulet Oriole close-up Epaulet Oriole
Icterus cayanensis
Order: Passeriformes

Totally black except shoulders.
Savanna Hawk close-up Savanna Hawk
Buteogallus meridionali
Order: Ciconiiformes

Staying at own spot, does not fly away even when approached.
"Aguilucho colorado" in Spanish.
Young Savanna Hawk Savanna Hawk, juvenile
Whitish head. Voice like a chick. Almost size of parents.
Waiting for the parent bird to bring food.
Great Black-hawk close-up Great Black-hawk
Buteogallus urubitinga
Order: Ciconiiformes

White band on the tail.
American Kestrel close-up American Kestrel
Falco sparverius
Order: Ciconiiformes

Guarani:Kiri kirii
Flying American Kestrel close-up American Kestrel flying
When flying, the bird shows another beauty.
Bat Falcon close-up Bat Falcon
Falco rufigularis
Order: Ciconiiformes

Southern Lapwing close-up Southern Lapwing
Vanellus chilensis
Order: Ciconiiformes

Makes an aggressive threat to any intruder.
The right leg is injured (not a pseudowound).
Nest of Southern Lapwing Close Up Nest of Southern Lapwing
Very simple nest on the ground.
The parents pretend to be wounded away from the nest, when approached.
Guira Cuckoo close-up Guira Cuckoo
Guira guira
Order: Cuculiformes

Sings, "Piirii, piirii, piirii, piigrrr, piigrrr, piigrrr."
Guira Cuckoo watching the ground Guira Cuckoo watching the ground
Click the picture to see the sharp eyes.
Smooth-billed Ani Smooth-billed Ani
Crotophaga ani
Order: Cuculiformes

Like Guira Cuckoo, this species comes in a group and feeds on insects and bugs on the ground.
Smooth-billed Ani Close Up Smooth-billed Ani Close Up
Observing the nest every day, we have become more familiar to the parents.
Southern Crested-caracara close-up Southern Crested-caracara
Caracara plancus
Order: Ciconiiformes

Like crows, caracaras feed on fresh garbage from the kitchen. Guarani:Karakara
Southern Crested-caracara close-up Black Vulture
Coragyps atratus
Order: Ciconiiformes

Looking for carrion from the top of a palm tree shared with Southern Crested-caracaras.
Great Kiskadee close-up Great Kiskadee
Pitangus sulphuratus
Order: Passeriformes

Companion of anglers at the riverside. You may give some of fishing beit.
Tropical Kingbird Close Up Tropical Kingbird
Tyrannus melancholicus
Order: Passeriformes

Photo taken when singing. Acrobatically catches flying insects in the air.
Cattle Tyrant close-up Cattle Tyrant
Machetornis rixosa
Order: Passeriformes

Always around us. Also friend of large animals such as cattle and horses.
Guarani:Guyra kavaju
Cattle Tyrant on an large animal close-up Cattle Tyrant on an large animal
Click the picture to view the animal.
Rufous-bellied Thrush close-up Rufous-bellied Thrush
Turdus rufiventris
Order: Passeriformes

Beautifull belly.
Red-crested Finch close-up Red-crested Finch
Coryphospingus cucullatus
Order: Passeriformes

Found chilled at dawn, I take it indoor till it is warm. Nice hair.
Pair of Grassland Yellow-Finch Grassland Yellow-Finch, pair
Sicalis luteola
Order: Passeriformes

Click the picture to view a seamless photo.
Gray Monjita close-up Gray Monjita
Xolmis cinereus
Order: Passeriformes

This monjita is larger than the white species below. Sharp eyes.
Gray Monjita's favorite post Gray Monjita's favorite place
It is on the goalpost of football.
White Monjita close-up White Monjita
Xolmis irupero
Order: Passeriformes

Dancing upon a laundry rope.
White Monjita Close Up from behind White Monjita
Very visible even from far.
Vermilion Flycatcher close-up Vermilion Flycatcher
Pyrocephalus rubinus
Order: Passeriformes

Sings, "Churin."
"Churinche" in Spanish.
Vermilion Flycatcher, immature Vermilion Flycatcher, immature
The red zone varies by individuals.
Fork-tailed Flycatcher close-up Fork-tailed Flycatcher
Tyrannus savana
Order: Passeriformes

Click to view both male and female.
Female has shorter tail.
Rufous Hornero close-up Rufous Hornero
Furnarius rufus
Order: Passeriformes

Walks with the feet lifted high.
Rufous Hornero in the nest Rufous Hornero
A nest of the ovenbird.
Red-billed Scythebill Close Up Red-billed Scythebill
Campylorhamphus trochilirostris
Order: Passeriformes

Starting from the lowest hole, the bird goes up hole by hole to the top, then it flies to the lowest hole of the next stake to continue...
Narrow-billed Woodcreeper Close Up Narrow-billed Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes angustirostris
Order: Passeriformes

Picking, pecking, digging, and tweezing.
Narrow-billed Woodcreeper montage Narrow-billed Woodcreeper
Free on or beneath the wood, or even upside-down.
(montage of four shots)
Black-backed Water-tyrant close-up Black-backed Water-tyrant
Fluvicola albiventer
Order: Passeriformes

Seen at the riverside and wet ground.
Rufous-collared Sparrow close-up Rufous-collared Sparrow
Zonotrichia capensis
Order: Passeriformes

Unforgettable profile.
"San Francisco" in Spanish.
Sayaca Tanager close-up Sayaca Tanager
Thraupis sayaca
Order: Passeriformes

Shines in bluish silver under the sunlight. Enjoying our fig.
Double-collared Seedeater Close Up Double-collared Seedeater, female
Sporophila caerulescens
Order: Passeriformes

Found bleeding from the bill under the window of my bedroom.
Photo taken after she, unfortunately, came to her end.
Grayish Saltator Close Up Grayish Saltator
Saltator coerulescens
Order: Passeriformes

Hit the window with the head.
Staying here for a few hours, it flew far away.
House Sparrow Close Up House Sparrow, pair
Passer domesticus
Order: Passeriformes

The pair was having a good time until ...
House Sparrows fighting House Sparrow, fighting
Another male tried to break in.
Then, the female drove the intruder out.
House Sparrow, female, Close Up House Sparrow, female
Lots of House Sparrows sleep in our warehouse.
One day, a female fell down to the ground. Fortunately, she regained power before the evening darkness.
南米パンタナールのヒメドリの仲間 Close Up To be identified
Scientific name here
Order: Passeriformes

Similar to Grassland Sparrow.
One night, he came into our dining hall. We guarded him till the next morning lest the cat play with him.
Nacunda Nighthawk close-up Nacunda Nighthawk
Podager nacunda
Order: Strigiformes

Where is it?
Nacunda Nighthawk flying Nacunda Nighthawk flying
Now, everybody can see it.
Burrowing Owl close-up Burrowing Owl
Athene cunicularia
Order: Strigiformes

You can see them daytime.
Guarani:Urukurea chichi
Burrowing Owl by the nest Burrowing Owl by the nest
The husband and wife stand by the entrance to their home. What if it rains?
Owl Close Up Great Horned Owl
Bubo virginianus
Order: Strigiformes

Backside of the body and front side of the head.

Fauna & Flora in the Pantanal

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