Living in the Pantanal

Living in the Pantanal

The Pantanal of South America:Land and people living there   日本語

Landscape of the Pantanal People living in the Pantanal Children living in the Pantanal

Photo albumLandscape of the Pantanal
Into the dynamic, harsh, and beautiful Nature.

Photo albumPeople living in the Pantanal
Far away from your home, can you live there?

Photo albumChildren living in the Pantanal
Let's visit the schools to see many bright eyes.

The world's largest wetland; the Pantanal in South America. Treasure of wildlife which charms tourists from all over the world. However, with baptism of repeated floods and the scorching sun, it is also one of the severest parts of this planet.

Heavy rainfall, immeasurable storm, months-long flood, killing heat, fierce thunderbolts, etc. All these phenomena are variety of the living breath of Nature in the Pantanal.

With the extremely low human population, lots of animals, plants, and lands and rivers are still intact, except some. There is practically no monetary industry in the indigenous communities.

Once born there, people live there, and acts to reproduce a next generation never cease, of course. Away from the junks and garbage of the modern civilization, the land might serve as the sanctuary of children.

Visit them, and you will come of yourself to ask again why you live.

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Fauna & Flora of the Pantanal

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